REFUND POLICY HOW DO I RETURN MY PRODUCTS? We offer the return option on all orders. If you no longer want your product(s), you can request a refund. As we created products basing on the orders we received, hence we can only offer 80% refunding value of your order for all refund situations. This 20% amount was cut off regarding the operation fee and transaction cost we have to pay, not including the production cost. You can contact us and we will give you the address of the factory that produced the item(s) you purchase. You may send the unused item to us at your expense. Once we receive the items, we will grant you an 80% refund in the total value of your order (shipping fee excluded). Nevertheless, you can not request a refund while the package is in the shipping process. We either accept for a refund when you send us back the item(s) or the item is not in the printing process yet. We do not take responsibility for any unexpected circumstances such as your order being destroyed by weather or the Customs Departments. If you want to make sure your order will be received, you can choose the Insurance Shipping option. We will send you the order again without any additional fee after you inform us about not receiving your package.